Clash of Clans “Chief Challenge – GOBLINS!” Galadon vs. Chief Pat ♦ Episode 3 ♦

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  1. Thanks very much all for your support of the series and the channel! It was
    a big investment to get up this account- but you guys watching it makes it
    worth it 🙂 I appreciate the positive feedback!

  2. These mid video ads might make me stop watching so many of your videos.
    C’mon man! 

  3. Gallydon after you deployed all your troops close the game/internet Raid
    will not be ended and you can get the 3 stars without wasting your time

  4. Nice video

  5. :)

  6. All minions with 3 rage and u choose other spells

  7. I am early…..I better make up a good joke! I dropped my bag of
    illuminati? Something with 69? Boobs on 13:09? I don’t know what to do!

  8. 1 barbarian
    1 archer
    1 goblin
    1 giant
    1 wallbreaker
    1 balloon
    1 wizzard
    1 healer
    1 dragon
    1 pekka
    1 minion
    1 hogrider
    1 valkery
    1 golem
    1 witch
    1 lavahound
    And the rest doesn’t matter
    That means one of every troop.

  9. i think you would have been better off if you had dropped your golem,
    pekkas, wizards first, then dropped the 100 goblins after they have started
    on the base. i feel like you dropped all your goblins, they died, and you
    got nothing out of them. they could’ve done some good clean up behind your
    main force. just a thought.

  10. Next Episode: All healers and one wallbreaker

  11. if pat hadnt thought that goblins could beat 2 multi infernos u would be in
    big trouble

  12. 4:55 why does a th 7 have dark elixir drill isn’t that unlocked at th 8?
    Can’t remember

  13. There’s a glitch it says you have unlocked all the de spells even if you

  14. Undead challenge: WB, balloon, witch, any combination.

  15. 3 raids and it looked like you could’ve gotten those 30+ trophies .. 

  16. next time: 100 wallbreakers

  17. Giants, Healers, and Minions

  18. You idiot. You attack with GobGob all wrong. I get 2 stars all the time
    with 180gob and 10 wall breakers and 3 heal spells….you use heal spell
    with goblin idiot

  19. All minions

  20. +Clash of Clans Attacks Where is chief pat at? He has not been posting for
    2 weeks!

  21. Am I the only one that tried the tongue twister ?

  22. LIKE FOR All Minion army for next episode.

  23. I think if you rage balloons for your extra troop space it will really
    speed things up.

  24. When can we expect the next video of the chief challenge?