Clash of Clans- Chilling in Champ Ep5 Plus Beating the TH9 Record!

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  1. Do it man 🙂 I remember when u were still in Town hall 8 and you set the
    record. You’re growing soo quickly! I subscribed when u were at about 800
    subscribers, and now ur at 3,448! Please push to top 200 in global!

  2. Wow i miss these old videos..

  3. There’s a th7 masters one. Hes level 80 and the leader of the decent clan
    APOTHEOSIS <--- check that shit out

  4. Congratz sire !

  5. Can you do it for the Vine?

  6. The intro is so loud can u lower the sound at the begining of the video?

  7. good job for being top dog with TH9, im a Th9 Master 2 myself but i need
    some help on getting a good Trophy Base. I been getting slam by TH10. Once
    again Congrats. your the man.

  8. GO FOR IT!!!! You got to 2661 at th9 all your raiding is th 10’s anyway
    it’s not like you’ll be raiding any harder of bases higher up;) 

  9. Fuck it yolo u can do it


  11. #fuckjorgeyao

  12. Subscribed lol ur soon funny?

  13. Congrats!

  14. Nigga damn!!!!!

  15. Yo LMFAO i like when you swearing lol! Keep that shit up

  16. Hey wite, have you ever lost a raid in champ? Never seen you loose one

  17. Intro and outro songs? 

  18. Lol I’m not even in his clan

  19. That was a bad isotope of the mainstream base. The guy tried to be smart
    and made proper junctions but in the process he had to shrink the base so
    alot more buildings were left outside. The even bigger problem was the
    uncertain pathing of loons from the original base is GONE now that he pack
    up the air d and the wiz tower.

  20. And all but 1 of my defenses are hog riders 😉 just saying :p

  21. Congrats bro! Tell njmrs obey said hey!

  22. Quickly becoming one of my favorite COC youtubers. Commentaries are
    hilarious and congrats on the record!

  23. Didn’t you get townhall 8 record aswell?

  24. Congrats!!!! Super impressive :)