Clash of clans – Clan castle dismiss ( MAY UPDATE!!!)

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  1. You have a mohawk? Copying the goblins?

  2. Godson! get an afro plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. Sorry guys I meant may update.

  4. March uptade ? It’s may dud

  5. March?

  6. The day this hits I swear some idiot is going to donate wall breakers to
    everybody and I’m going to be like “HAH!”

  7. maybe next year march i think

  8. Hey can u tell the company about th11?

  9. I wanna win KINGLAND

  10. my clan came up against megacity.. we had no chance…

  11. Wall breakers are amazing they do splash damage but its way better

  12. And first like

  13. Godson is a hog rider In real life

  14. yoo godson! We just faced United Terks also! it was unfair :(


  16. is godson Canadian??????

  17. Rockin the hog rider haircut like a BAWSZZZ

  18. Thank god!

  19. Dat haircuts dope


  21. Godson How To Dismiss the troops got the update now

  22. When will the winners be announced for the Youtuballtars giveaway?

  23. +Godson Coc can you please tell the supercell people to update the CC. So
    like, when I request and somebody donates when im gone. They sometimes
    donate stupid stuff like goblins and stuff right… and I wanna know who
    donated me goblin. Get it? if you dont its ok

  24. Why wouldn’t you want a pekka in your CC