Clash of Clans Clan War League: TERPS WIN B1G – Week 1

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  1. Hey PowerBang, have you considered making a CWL recap video? Not a recap of every clan's war, but rather a weekly video with a recap of the war matchup results.. maybe could have special guests from the clans involved, some key highlights, projections.. sort like of sportscenter-type video. I think a lot of viewers would like to watch something like that and it will help people better keep track of what's going on in CWL. As the biggest war youtuber right now, you have the power to bring us this content. Keep up the good work!

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  6. A tie, just like your beloved Seahawks, that might have digged their own grave today when it comes to making the playoffs with their remaining schedule. Go Pats!!!

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  11. Cool. Like where th10 is at right now. Attacks are actually fun to watch & require skill now since the update. Just a few more tweaks needed to allow the fully maxed out bases to be 3 stared & well at least have one TH level that's properly balanced. Nice recap PB keep em coming!

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  15. Damn good war to Terps Win, with the hero difference they made it close.

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  18. These are basically TH9s. I think at this point in the game we need Th10 and 11 content

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  20. lukas doing a queen pop lol. nice to see that the friendly clan challenge is getting put to use. this is going to be an interesting season. can I get a recruitment vid for my clan in the half time so lol

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  26. You're showing all air attacks on extremely weak TH10s since the update. Most players max their defenses ASAP. It is near impossible at the moment to 3 star a max defense TH10, no matter what level heroes they have. TH10 is stupid broken right now.


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  29. Thanks for recap PB, great as always. Dedicated follower here, and wondering we can find more info on the CWL (other than tweets). Participants? Scores? Division breakdown, possible ranking system, rules, a summarized recap site, future match ups, live streaming events etc. I love seeing the WHF recaps and am sure you'll come through, but for a league (well constructed and run I assume) not too have this info/site seems like its shorting itself. This would be a GREAT idea, in terms of promoting the game, organizing the FP community and bringing exposure to a lot of great clans. Anyhow, hope for a response and keep kickin ass!

  30. how do we go about getting into a clan war league?

  31. you should live stream playoff games when the time comes