Clash of Clans Clan Wars – Facing the #1 Clan in the World!

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  1. “The King and Pekka go after those balloons!!” Ummmm… Gala-derp?? Lol

  2. why is it called a building if its already been built?

  3. Never rans out of good videos….U ROCK GALADON!!

  4. Lol “this is the most heroic attack-attacks attack”

  5. hmm? whats the april fool i dont get it lol..and its april 2nd

  6. Song Please!

  7. All maxed bases Vs. all maxed bases is totally David Vs. Goliath

  8. Join my clan “TheNiftyGamers”

  9. Number 1 clan in trophies has nothing to do with war, it should be an easy
    win for anyone with any war skill

  10. كفووو عيال زايد ❤️❤️

  11. Attack should have been the host for the channel because the channel is
    called Clash of Clans Attacks…

  12. Tha shod make it to ware you can hold more gold

  13. galladon what is 3+4 ? and the others answer too answer before clicking
    read more pls <3

    its 34 why cauz 3 is a tringle 4 is a trinlge with an eye so still why is
    it 34 ? cauz if you 34-4 cauz 4 is a tringle with an eye its 30 and if you
    do 30/3 its 10 so illuminati has 10 letters ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED !!!

  14. this has got to be the best thumbnail I’ve ever seen lol

  15. Guys you should join my clan its called ballerz with blue background and
    blue stripes… thinks ☺


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    and use invite code 8cd25a

  18. Emirates is the best!

  19. i have found your village.nice village

  20. Join our clan. Clan name: XQuad. Clan shield: blue background and yellow
    lightning. ✅ Donate Troops ✅ Be Active ✅ Be Loyal ✅ Always War! ⛔️ Hoppers

  21. What is the music Called?

  22. look the dark elixer in the war 6,666

  23. fuck those dirty terrorists

  24. Seems like that’s how it usually begins in clanwars. The opponent is
    inactive but give it a few hours and the beasts are unleashed.

    Good vid Galadon