Clash of Clans – Clash Olympics 3.0! *Warden Snaps the Queen*

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  5. I thought the olympics was only every 4 years….

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  8. Clash Olympics is always hilarious. Stopped playing SuperCell games a couple months ago but I always look forward to the next olympics.

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  10. I loved this spencer !!

  11. intro plz

  12. That was stupid

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  14. So cool

  15. YAY for greg

  16. Super great video man I liked the idea keep it up

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  19. i fucking died when the warden started flying

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  21. Jar of Hearts – Christina Perri
    IS definitly spencer's favorite song.

  22. good video

  23. clash Olympics 4.0?

  24. That was hilarious and tight asf great job Spencer

  25. People actually watch this 30 year play this game smh tell him to get a job

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  28. You should make it so the fastest don't always win by changing the training times a little bit

  29. Yes ! I been waiting for this video for a long time so thanks spencer i know this video takes a lot of time and retrys so thanks for the quality

  30. When the king knocked out the warden,I died ???

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  33. spencer – better than any stop action movie, hands down. you know we're gonna want more now, right?

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  36. Another awesome race! good job spencer

  37. just wow!!!!! expecting more videos like this.

  38. This needs to be made into a True Tales of Clash Achievery

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  44. Thnx Spencer. don't leave us yet. i'm still at th9 :(


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  48. Amazing! Epic! Hilarious! Great job Spencer23$? Especially Greg?

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  50. lmao the king knocked out the warden