Clash of Clans | CLASH TOURNAMENT IS ON! | 50 VS 50 16 Clan Tournament

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  1. Xbow buff makes qw's harder

  2. Can I join your clan?


  4. Lucky and happy to be part of the tournament! Bnpm #justyn ftw ! I'm #10 Michael(:

  5. Supercell didn't nerf qween walks, they buffed the xbows a bit and did something to the healers

  6. Cqotd: If you had to be one troop from clash of clans what would you be?

  7. +Clash of Clans with Cam can i join BNPM cam please for war i am a th8 not rushed

  8. congrats on 1 mil subs

  9. I thought someone was messaging me on kik but then I remembered I have no friends

  10. CQOTD: What will you do if you win this tournament?

  11. Like 2 hours after Cam recruited the tournament, 10 BNPM Cam were created @@

  12. they did nerf queen walks by making xbows stronger

  13. CQOTD: Have you ever thought about changing your intro? Btw love your videos been a fan for a long time ?

  14. CQOTD: What is youre most used attack strategy

  15. a few of the th9 players in my clan used queen walk, myself included. one theory we have is the healers now have a diminished ability to heal the queen. I wish I knew how to upload videos so I could show you what happened. but basically the queen died early, similar to your queen walk video the other day. so all 3 healers jumped to the next nearest target which was a wizard. the wizard was under the same amount of point defense at this point as the queen had been. however, the wizard kept on trucking for a full 20 seconds until finally running into a giant bomb. I don't know if that info helps, but there ya go

  16. hey cam

  17. Cam!!Um…

  18. Cam i got a really nice strategy I'll spam you on Twitter.

  19. hy cam bro i want to come to your clan barb party my name is wizard subodh and im townhall 7

  20. Cam you never fucking answer me where is mustangbro

  21. CQOFT: I'm a mid lvl th7 (lvl 58) and I keep getting raided by th8s, I'm losing up to 250k in one defense because of this, yet I thought you were supposed to get less loot when attacking a lower th. I'm also trying to trophy push, but the th8s are slowly draining me of trophies as well.