Clash Of Clans | Complete Beginners Guide to GoLaLoon / GoLava at Th9

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  1. nice vid man !! keep it up and thank u !

  2. Hey ash is it worth using haste over rage? or stick to using rage?

  3. I've been watching this video a lot lately, I'm trying this strategy but it's so hard! My funnel is good but once I get to the air part of the raid it just dies out. I use the same comp the only thing is I use the poison spell. I really want to get this strategy down because it is really good. Any tips?

  4. Hey Ash, your guides have been super helpful in improving my clash strategy. I subscribe to a few channels, but I have to say your videos have been the most beneficial. I'm a TH9 and have an upcoming war where I do not have my king available. The other clan has a bunch of bases with multiple level 5-6 air defenses, so I thought I'd practice a GoLavaLoon attack. My queen is only level 12. What alterations would you make to your army composition to make up for the lack of king? 3 golems instead of 2? Maybe a few extra wizards? Let me know what you think.

  5. damn son clash with ash is ripped

  6. great video again Ash.
    i have always problems whit air attacks.
    i am th 10 but its stil very hard for me to destroy a normal th9 base whit air attack.
    if u have more tips or videos of this il be glad to see it.
    thx again ??

  7. Ok so bring one extra rage, and is the only other change add more loons with extra space of th 10 camps

  8. Ash as a max th 10, some wars i need to go for the max th 9s, to grab 3 stars instead of 2 from a th 10. i've been using pentaloonion but this does only get 1 star occasionally. do you think i'd have better luck with the golaloon on the th 9s?

  9. Is pentahound strategy still viable with the new poison spell changes? Thanks Ash love your videos!

  10. is golaloon good for your first attack or is it only used as a clean up attack?

  11. hi ash. i am a beginner in golaloon strategy. I want to ask a question. As we know, golaloon relying on Queen and King for killing opponent Queen, cc troops and Air Defense. My question is, when we upgrade the King, is it worth it to drop some balloons and get a pekka to replace king(in order to do his job)? or when the queen is on upgrading, we took some wizard to replace her job?

  12. I'm totally a beginner in golavaloon attack but hey I'm managed to got 3* on wars thanks to your video ! got many 1* during raid but miracle happened and got those stars ! thanks .

  13. Thanks for this guide. i've watch your vid about the golaloon attack strategy last time. it help me in 3 starring some common bases at th9. eventhough some of the attacks i scatter loons most of the time hehe. i'm gonna try this one in next war. :)

  14. Targer new word? Will add to vocab ? : P
    Anyway, I've been able to pull off a bunch of 3 stars with this strategy with only lvl 10 king and lvl 6,7,8 queen. Still works, but is harder, esp. for the first phase of the attack and you have to target either an easy base design or just a flat out low level TH 9. But I do recommend to #lvlthatqueenup I'm working on it too

  15. Hey ash whats up? This strategy works with lvl 10 heroes?

  16. Great video Ash, very informative. Upgrading my lava hounds to lv 2 now after watching this.

  17. ASH u r rocking c;ashof clans !!!i am telling this video to my clan mates
    can u tell me ur clan??

  18. Hey Ash you're such an amazing clasher

  19. I just got my hounds to lvl 2 and I did my first attack the day before this video, and got 62%. I really needed this guide man thanks

  20. do one for th 10 please ?