Clash Of Clans | COMPLETE TH8 VALKYRIE GUIDE 2016 | How To GoVaLo , GoVaHo In Th 8

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  1. Very nice guide! Great video!

  2. You did not say that you can use the rage, but what iy see? rage !!

  3. GoVaLow* GoVaHoe*

  4. What happened with gs96?

  5. Some info for y'all about double poison on dragons.
    Lvl 1 + Lvl 2 can take out a dragon, but place the second one after the first one ends.
    Lvl 1 + Lvl 3: place first, wait 4-5 secs, place second
    Lvl 1 + Lvl 4 or Lvl 2 + Lvl 3: You can place them right after each other. Same goes for 2 + 4.

  6. Yet another awesome guide! Valks are totally underrated, love this video. Can't wait to share it, very helpful tips. Thanks!

  7. I just failed a govalo attack because I threw my ballons in the opposite direction of the destruction of the antiair defenses . And in the whole attack my phone kept laggin….. tbh I feel better after watching this guide

  8. Like the new intro. Appreciate these starts. I promise I'll get over to your site to drop s donation soon.

  9. This deserves a SC shout out ;)

  10. These are by far my favourite attacks at th8, such a beautiful attack!

  11. Would it work if I used a pekka instead of valks? Like gowipe+hogs or loons

  12. Gadi my friend, ty for all you do. btw, the plural for content is simply content 🙂 Cheers!

  13. Валькирии:) Респект!) Respekt!)))

  14. gadihh any tips four th9s?

  15. Good lesson

  16. hello

  17. I use govaho, 4 quakes 3 heal

  18. Can you make a th9 goho guide just like this with all the words and stuff?

  19. hmm after watching this I changed my mind about them..valks aren't that useless lol

  20. Very Nice guide! And yes its true.. heal is better than rage.. If sometimes your backend loons or hogs fails and velks survive the velks can get the rest base.. As Rage won't heal them velks will start dieing quick… And this strategies are really awesome after update on the bases with centralised ads..

  21. I really need to work on my Valk use

  22. I'm a new town hall 8…

  23. Gadi please make a guide on th8 base build please

  24. no pre intro ??

  25. I got mine to lvl 1 only ?

  26. Gadi are you there