Clash of Clans Custom Loading Screen CONTEST! YOU Decide!

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  1. We need Pakistan flag

  2. We need Pakistan flag

  3. We. need Pakistan flag

  4. We need Pakistan flag

  5. We need Pakistan flag

  6. Dear supercell    
    There are many people in Nepal who play clash of clans but it is matter of sorry that we don't have our own country flag in our villages.We are a huge community of Nepal waiting for our flag for months.Please include a country flag of Nepal that we can decorate our village with pride of our nation. Please add a county flag NEPAL in the next update.
    Thank You.

  7. Wooooooooo

  8. Love from india buddy

  9. Thx from india buddy

  10. Thank you so much galadon….

  11. Proud of u galadon

  12. Thankuu Galdon gaming for indian

  13. You are making these for views ????????

  14. Thanks for the loading screen now add hindi language in settings

  15. GalDon what about nepal

  16. india is great festival country like holi, diwali,dasharaha and more i live in india im indian

  17. Hi Galadon
    We Indians understand English very well ??.
    Love from INDIA
    COC GURU's screen for best

  18. hopefully it Diwali special loading screen comse

  19. Hi galadon bro can u make a concept on builder hall wars bro. And new building in bh like cc in main village it will be awesome bro u can make a builder castlr or anything lika that .diwali loadina screen is just awesomr

  20. Love u bro. ??

  21. guru bhai, viki bhai loading screen is good ??

  22. i waiting for indian loading screen

  23. See the Glorious YouTubers comment here of india


  25. alway im voting for a diwali update