Clash of Clans Dark Spell Factory ♦ New Dark Spells ♦ Earthquake Spell – Poison Spell – Haste Spell

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  1. Supercell Leak Rumor ♦ Dark Spell Factory 
    New Dark Spells ♦ Earthquake – Poison – Haste 
    No TH11

  2. This guy is telling the truth. Because yes there is two new leagues and yes there is a DE spell factory. And just today we saw the last sneak peek which was the third DE spell which was haste and also we saw earthquake and poison. So I hope the update like he said will come out today.☺

  3. So today is the update?

  4. Get allclash its a official clash of clans app

  5. The update is July 26

  6. IS THERE GONNA BE A GOBLIN KING not to be mean and all but its kinda stupid



  8. Wen will the update come I know it today but what time

  9. haste**

  10. how jaste spell will work

  11. if this is true about the dark spell factory what th will it be available at?

  12. Earthquake and poison are real so i guess haste as well

  13. What date its going to be released this update???

  14. So level four dragon at th9???? Plz answer

  15. Well his friend's really good at keeping secrets. 
    I thought people would have to sign a contract saying they'd have to keep stuff like this confidential.

  16. When are we going to get it

  17. Wooooooooo I can't waste

  18. Man if this update is true, which i think is true, ill be scraping the barrel to upgrading my dark spell factory hope i can get it to lvl 2 at least since im only a th 8.

  19. Oh that's cool. I was wondering if this so called "leak" was legit. Looks more than likely. And now with the dark spell factory released, it only seems more and more legit. I get the poison spell, it makes sense. I'm guessing the haste spell would increase attack and movement speed, but what would the earthquake spell do? Slow defenses?