Clash of Clans – DEAD BASES REMOVED? Clash Fact or Clash Fiction?

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  1. there are many dead base found in Gold 1 & 2, you guys can find a million in an hour boost with only barch army without heros. ✌

  2. Rule 39? What is that?

  3. farming suck in gold 3 and silver 1 .

  4. At the first replay BigSur didn't even use the queen ability.

  5. I'm just hangin out in gold 2, I'm a th9, getting SO much loot. Recommend going down there if you're looking for good loot.

  6. I Still found some dead base over time.

  7. whats ruled 39?

  8. I'm a town hall 9 in crystal 1 and got two dead bases today. I will admit they are extremely rare, but I'm in crystal 1 so what do you expect. my friends in lower leagues also get tons of dead bases so they're not gone yet.

  9. farming is dead ???

  10. they say farming is dead because they only stay in gold or silver and not move out of there. people always complained no loot cause they wont move around in leagues. when update hit gold and silver was empty i moved up to masters and found good loot. when i couldn't find loot there anymore i went out to champs but wasnt finding loot in champ3 so i dropped and found crystal is where i can barch. move around and get out of gold and silver.

  11. This game got to shit in the last few "updates". RIP CoC shame what supercell did to you.

  12. what does dead bases means ??

  13. Im just one person, so i cant represent the coc state of farming, but it is definitely better right now than 2 weeks prior because of supercell's decision to bring back dead bases

  14. I think the personal breaks and lower gem boost cost are perfect, keep everything in the update but just bring back town hall sniping!

  15. I have been in peter17$awesome just being in the clan makes you find good loot

  16. Good day Sir Galadon! May I know what app you use to record your COC replays? I would want to record a recent attack of a th7 VS a th8. Thank you very much and keep up the good work. :)

  17. Dhruv is actually pronounces Drewve. There is a kid in my class with that same name.

  18. supercell just downplaying their card, they would not admit they have purposely hide the dead base in order for player to gem up shield.

  19. Supercell customer service is crap. Pretty sure most of them do not even play the game.

  20. I found a dead base on my phone while watching this video.

  21. inactive People longer then 5 days would get taken out of multi-player but lately super cell has been putting them back in because so many people were complaining

  22. Rule 39'd and kicked from the clan ?????

  23. I look for dead bases between 800 and 1000 trophies as a TH9. That's where I get gold and elixir, and I can get dark elixir wherever using queen walk.

  24. In the game

  25. I am so poor

  26. My name in clash of clan is thant.oo

  27. Please do not kick me out of your clan I sub your channel

  28. Farming is not dead. there is great loot in crystal

  29. It's " JRUV"