Clash Of Clans – December Update (Sneak Peek Santa Strike) #2

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  1. hey can i join ur clan pls

  2. Yall are dumb! It isn't a spell it is a defensive trap. Last year it was Santa surprise spell this year it is Santa strike trap

  3. The Santa strike destroyed 50 of my goblins.

  4. Inside the box when ppl raid you its elixr

  5. I need to talk to u

  6. Thank you

  7. It came out today the new update

  8. The update came out today its really fun i cant wait for your first new update vid

  9. Awesome i cant wait for the actual update

  10. What does the little present do? Sing a song to put troops to sleep or something?

  11. Its out

  12. Two views, three likes… Ofc


  14. If u didnt get banned, a good gift, if your all good u get gems

  15. haha. godson made a vid using it last year,lol he thought it was a spell which it is,but he thought santa will come attack ( like a regular troop ) but it just sent out a huge bomb that blew up that area

  16. It was alright, Santa comes in a sleigh and drops presents in a largish area. Not sure wether it destroys town hall, I doubt it. It does take 1 day

  17. Nice video!
    First :)