Clash of Clans Defense ♦ The Base That WOULDN’T DIE!! ♦ CoC ♦

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  1. I think you should use a lot of wallbreakers to get into the middle. Then the other troops could be able to kill the Townhall.

  2. you can beat this base using 4 earthquake spells ..your video is bullshits

  3. Im pretty sure its distract eleven, not two lol . normally it would be roman numerals. but hunger games.

  4. I wanna try 4 earthquake spells on those double layer wall enclosures.

  5. a simple gowiwi will get u 2 stars on this base

  6. 69!!!!

  7. Hey, I'm really sorry for the spam, but my clan *ZELDARIANS * needs some help, so if you can join we will be very grateful 🙂 (Mexican clan)

  8. Could you use 5 hogs (and a heal if you really needed it) on 3 air Ds then bring 2 lavas and a couple balloons with minions?

  9. all i see is mistakes. why do they all let the cc troops run wild. he mentions they are good… but comon! CC TROOPS.

  10. I can 2 star it with my drag ..

  11. i just 3 starred it in my last war where it was maxed th9 with aq walk and lavaloon…. opponents have 5 bases with this layout and after my attack it was piece of cake for us ;)… u should come in my clan to record the attack if u would like to

  12. YOU KNOW WHAT? THIS IS JUST A PROMOTION, SO MANY "DUMB" PLAYERS IN COC WILL COPY THIS LAYOUT and BTW. THE ATTACKERS SUCKS FO REAL WTF T_T (no offense bruh) this is just a realtalk 🙂 and we know a "noob" player wont lure cc troops. (sorry for my english though)

  13. Thank you so much for drawing attention to this base design. We have seen variations of this 8 or 9 times over the last week and yet to not 3* it. Your winning us wars Galadon. Again I say thank you. lol

  14. can someone give the pic of this layout with traps?

  15. these kind of bases makes CoC more exciting XD

  16. my first 3 star attack on a th9 was on this base lol

  17. bro… gowipe. release golems first then the wizards to clean up the shit outside… use wall breakers (to get you in by the elixir storage/ canon / arch tower/ air def) then jump spell to the TH…. release pekkas and heroes and rage the piss out of them. Easy 2 star and a possible 3.

  18. what 1 star only are you joking

  19. This is dumb. Use wall breakers or earthquake on the other side of cc. This is so easy to two star. Ive seen new th9 3star this type of base all the time