Clash of Clans [Defense] Last Maxed TH8 Defense v. Dual Heroes, Mass Archers, & Dual Rage Spells

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  1. Im very close to maxing out my townhall 7, and I cant wait to try out your
    Tesla Theme Park base, it looks awesome :)

  2. 3rd air def??

  3. Not fully maxxed not all the mines and pumps

  4. Lol u forgot the mines and pumps

  5. Ping Fao thanks alot , it works wonder especially the funnel concept.

  6. That base isn’t fully maxed out, but it’s still good.

  7. Isn’t that cheif pats base?

  8. I am currently using this base as it works very well. But where do you but
    the third air defense ?

  9. Hey Pingfao do you think it’s good loot at 1000 trophies where your at, or
    is it because you lost trophies? Just asking because im at 1200 trophies
    wanting good loot. Please answer

  10. Would you recommend this base?

  11. ping can you please tell me how you get so much gold to max out your walls

  12. I like your base thanks !! 🙂

  13. Where to put the third air defence?

  14. Glad it does! Check out the [Tutorial] TH8 Design video’s description for
    all the TH8 designs I made. Cheers. 🙂

  15. Ben S Patrick copied it from Pingfao

  16. I used this base… Check it out

  17. My clan is chapter one and my in game name is rahulramesh

  18. At TH8, there were about 1 or 2 serious attack each day. Right now, at TH9,
    I’m only getting 1 every 2 or 3 days.

  19. how do you get so much gold to max out your walls

  20. good but you bought 1000$ In gems so you should feel ashamed bro. Thsi
    games gets boring if everyone gets things wi gens

  21. It’s a mixture of having both good defense and offense. I don’t really use
    the Elixir trick, as they are quite abundant. Generally, to accumulate
    resources, simply raid more than you lose. I raid about 2-5M and lose less
    than 100K Golds a day.

  22. Check out the description of the [Tutorial] TH8 Design video.

  23. Mass archer often get 1-shot by wiz/mortar

  24. Terrible attack strategies

  25. Thislsbyron is my favorito base farming