Clash of Clans – DEFENSE STRATEGY – Townhall Level 5 Trophy Base Layout (TH5 Defensive Strategies)

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  1. Love your vids

  2. but u got th6 not 5?

  3. isn't that th6 ?

  4. whoever views this next [for the second base]: this base is amazing. as long as you have (at least) level 4 walls, and maxed defenses, and you stay within silver III, this base will have you every 73% of the time (yes i calculated my wins on defense. xD). as I just said, i used this base and its amazing. however, you will want to put the defenses of the outside. switch them with the storages

  5. that is town hall 6

  6. bull shit those wallz are from town hall 5. i actually spell it out unlike some of you lazy fucks

  7. what's the music? please tell me!!

  8. you get rell low now i have to subscribe on what ever to join your asshole clan f u

  9. 2nd base defense isnt good for th5 cause the walls are not enough

  10. How to do u have 2 wizard towers in th5 while u only get one

  11. On no.1 u soul dent have all storages in mid

  12. i want to join your clan…. i tried but optic nadeshot always reject it… plz i would like to join your clan

  13. Th 9 plz?

  14. My base sucks they keep taking gold trophies elixir I hate that please help me

  15. Lmao he rushed look at those weak defences my th5 has almost everything maxed and its better than his weak th6 

  16. This is a TH 6 layout not a TH 5.

  17. Can u do a town Hall 7 base like this one

  18. For the people asking for Th6, Th7 or other th levels. Just look it up on YouTube. There is even a website for that.

  19. Do one for 7 th plz need one

  20. Th8 base plz