Clash of Clans – DEFENSE STRATEGY – Townhall Level 6 (CoC TH6 Defensive Strategies)

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  1. How is the defense base working for you guys on Townhall 6 ?! :D

  2. New attack for loot : Gobgarchers.

    You use the giants to make the defenses target them, while your goblins go
    for the loot,
    Archers have 2 objectives.
    1 . Kill any outside/undefended collectors.
    2. Kill the town hall or defenses your giants can attack.
    Heroes are used as if it were a normal raid,
    any spells can be used on personal preference.

  3. I don’t under stand. How do I have more walls then you Im doing the same
    layout as you
    pls expain why

  4. so far so good
    I lost 20 times

  5. For the first base i had 10 extra walls

  6. how is this good… destroy all buildings around… and puff ez 1 star omg

  7. Where u put the air sweeper

  8. CAn you plz show us how you did the farming base dude stupid no body don’t
    know how you did it

  9. what emulator does he use

  10. Thanks I only now get one or zero stars from higher lvl players PS I am in
    gold three.

  11. One question.. what lvl are your Buiilder Huts? I cant see…

  12. Don’t forget to upgrade your springtraps!!!!!

  13. Thxs bro

  14. I’m th6 got to crystal2

  15. how am I having like 10 more extra walls den u

  16. GOOD

  17. Wait nvm bc ur already past a th6 ?


  19. How do I get to see the build for the farming base?

  20. Hello +mcsportzhawk I was just asking if it was ok that I did a video on ur
    farming base and I used it it works really good so that’s all I was just
    asking if its not ok then I’ll just take down the video

  21. Where’s your air sweeper ??

  22. Looooot baybe

  23. nice base but my town hall just upgraded to level 6 and I’v got wiz and
    motors vid on that to pls would help me out :)

  24. Can you make a cool defensive war base please ??