Clash of Clans- Defensive Destruction Ep7

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  1. Will you ever upgrade you townhall

  2. I got wet at that water drinking.?

  3. Lol and omg those douchebags that frickin go for three stars when u give
    then free cups -_-

  4. Oh shite hes done beat his record !

  5. How do you record your Idevice like that? Is there an app? Is it free?

  6. Live raids?

  7. whys your de so far out babe??❤️

  8. Suggestion:
    Don’t be online for right hours straight, enjoy summer.

  9. Daddy’s Darlings always be killing me

  10. Your drinking water sound makes me so happy if you know what I mean. ;)

  11. WHY DO YOU PUT YOUR DE NEAR YOUR TH!!!!!!!!!!?????????

  12. I’m level 7 town hall 

  13. Umm no comments but 7k views?


  15. Daddys Darlings! ahaha i watched them too! 

  16. you shouldnt be awake, its 12:30 am lol

  17. When i subscribed to you, you had just over one thousand subs, now look at
    you ! 

  18. Saw you in Norsk global, everyone was going crazy lol

  19. I think dilawar gets hit for so many trophies because of his base cause its
    almost maxed for a th 9 and the trophy system is weird cause it considers
    his base hard

  20. In the last defense the loons actually took out two witches and a couple

  21. lol that was the gayest noise ive ever heard on youtube.

  22. Call your base the surrender base xD giving the dark and town hall away

  23. I love your rage voice hhaaha you have so much swag man <3

  24. They did the booting so people wouldent stay online, so people couldent not
    be raided