Clash of Clans Developer Raids – 2,058 Troops in One Raid! CoC

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  1. 1 pekka and 300 healers and tons of jump spells

  2. hey GALADON make like a cage of walls and fill it with troops then all of them will break out at once

  3. My air defenses look different mine are level 7

  4. can you do a base full of multi infernos lol

  5. 300 healers queen walk

  6. only air tropps and pure air defenses lvl 1

  7. 300 healers and 1 pekka

  8. 300 witches

  9. How do you get to developer raids

  10. Please use level one Barch and max level spells only please like my comment if you like puppies ?

  11. Good video Gal! liked it :D


  13. use the barbarian king to win a town hall 2 or 3

  14. Galadon could you cover the bowler walk please I wanna see if it really could be a three star strategy☺

  15. please set a record on how many giants can die to one spring trap!

  16. 300 LOOOOOONS

  17. Hogs jump spells and wallbreakers

  18. try to drop 10 hogs and keep the whole village under freeze spells and don't let the hogs die!

  19. break the game with 300 witches

  20. Hogs jump spells and wallbreakers

  21. 300 Valks.

  22. 300 minions vs air bombs

  23. 300 golems vs eagle artillery

  24. get 300 pekkas and 300 dragons

  25. Do 300 pekkas

  26. Can you build a all Max Inferno tower base with the town hall in the middle and then send every troop and see if you can beat it.
    Like This Comment If You Agree Please

  27. can i please get the developers option

  28. 300 golem 300 wizzard 300 pekka

  29. Drop as many different spells in one spot as possible.


    Destroy all the walls and drop 300 golems.

  30. dude, lightning the townhall dude…

  31. dude, lightning the townhall dude…

  32. Gallydon troop suggestion for the developer raids would be for clash Royal!! Make all troops in Royal 1 elixir or 10x elixir speed I think we all wanna see this it would be cool also maybe 1 troop and 7 mirrors in the developer battle deck pls GALADON this would be cool like if u agree!!!

  33. Spells only

  34. Make an olyimpics sign

  35. pekkas vs a village of teslas

  36. Destroy a max base with just spells

  37. 300 troop gowiwi

  38. 300 wizards and with 30 earthquake spells ?

  39. lvl 1 loons against maxed base

  40. 300 PEKKAS

  41. 300 healers healing 300 wall-breakers. Its a winning strategy! I call it wall healer.

  42. Wait!!
    Since when can you have lvl 40 heroes on th9?!!

  43. 300 minions vs air mines?

  44. Galadon could you please… find out how much percent you can get with 300 earthquake or lightning spells! :)

  45. More of this…..raids

  46. Unlocked pekka but not dragon ????

  47. Hey GALADON can you do 100 of every troop because it would be hard for 300 troops

  48. 300 minions and 1 air bomb

  49. bullshit