Clash of Clans | DOMINATE CLAN WARS | Winning Clan War Strategy

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  1. Looking for serious war fanatics! If you would like to join, follow me on
    Twitter for openings!

  2. Made me feel better thanks I was having a bad day

  3. Damn I want to join butt I’m a th7 upgrading to 8 and partly rushed

  4. No wait.. It’s a level 9 wall. Haha

  5. Finally a maxed level cannon ?

  6. How is your day going? 

  7. Lmao wtf do you know about being a serious war clan. You barely 3 starred a

  8. Our clan doesnt even have those requirement like 400 war stars, we accept a
    lot of new people and we have 160 war wins and a current streak of 16.

  9. Hey cam, you always show us dragon raids,lava loonions and gowipes,but will
    you please show some all hog attacks…..that you do on ur should
    show us a lot more hog attacks as my clan uses them a lot, and i really
    wanna learn them from you.ty in advanced!

  10. Says serious war clan but does 2 star attacks ?

  11. When ur a max th9 but have lvl 18 heros and 504 war stars but can’t

  12. GoWipe doesn’t win war

  13. Cam our bases are pretty much the same except I have lvl 7/8 walls. And I
    have lvl 20 heros

  14. What is the intro song? You know… From 0:00

  15. New AQ is bullshit. She always goes shopping round the base. It´s
    impossible for me to do a good GoHo because the Queen just doesn´t want to
    go in, even if I use wallbreakers / jumpspells. It´s so annoying, the old
    AQ was better…

  16. Pleasee dont ever purge me Cam! :(

  17. Think of a joke fast


  18. 2 stars. 2 fucking stars on a premature th9. FUUUUUUUUUUAAAARCCK!!

  19. Well my f*cking king and pekka go around the base when there’s nothing
    inside the wall so my golems is the ones only left in the middle living my
    pekka and king defenseless. Thank u supercell.

  20. Hey i’m a town hall 6 in masters league may i join. I’m upgrading to town
    hall 7

  21. Why the late upload?

  22. People complain when the archer queen attacks walls. They fix it and now
    Cam complains it doesn’t attack walls.

  23. I’m a th 10… Do I not even have a chance to join your clan?

  24. Hi Cam. 1st I am a big fan and I always enjoy your videos. But this one was
    disappointing. To win wars you need to get more 3 stars. So many lower
    bases didn’t get cleaned up. And a TH 9 getting a “one more shot and the
    witch was dead” lucky 2 star isn’t a great attack. If you seriously want to
    become a serious war clan you got to focus on cleaning the lower bases and
    3 staring near all the TH9’s.
    (Now, here comes the hate, and for the haters : check out One Hive and
    learn some proper damn attacks!)

  25. Cam do you all take th8.5s?