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  1. Does this work at th10 hitting other tens

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  3. Anyone who's interested in this exact attack…go check out the guy who pretty much started using this before anyone? He's just got a small YouTube channel….named: Clash made Eezy…. The guy is amazing with this, got me using it almost a month ago? Has changed my game to a whole new level, lol…. Seriously amazing stuff…

  4. will this work for th10??

  5. I do know of a common way to get G E MS it is provided on the net in

  6. what do u do with a centralized cc with baby+valks+wiz in ? u cant lure, your killsquad is not strong enough to kill without poison..

  7. you deserve more subs than any other clash Youtubers

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  12. Yes he's coming to Colorado ??

  13. TBH I never use the clone because I feel it's a little underwhelming for taking 4 spell space for each one

  14. Finally a clash of clans video

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  16. Ash, can u make a Vid on good stack strat th9 Atack strategy? Thanks

  17. i came up with that attack first

  18. Hey ash I just played you in a clash royal battle and that was amazing! You are my favorite clash royal Youtuber and battling you made my day! My in game name is randy530, I geeked out and shared the replay with my clan. I hope you had a great day too man!

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  21. nice! I'll try that

  22. Anybody going to Denver???

  23. Ash what's the intro music u use?

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