Clash of Clans | DRAGONS | I Want This To WORK!

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  1. if your looking for a clan to join we have a new one called the north kings. the # is #LPLLUUVR. please join we are looking for people

  2. Stop copying my attacks.

  3. they lost cuz u didnt funnel then

  4. "The Royal Family" – Nick

  5. nice!!

  6. Stick to BB friend…

  7. hisssssss

  8. btw nick i think u have been upgrading that one sweaper for like 2-4 days cuz iv been keeping an eye on ur base :3

  9. I've been killing it in war with Quatrolavaloonian since guys still use hounds in warcastle. Hound never comes out and I attack from castle side and kill hound while it's still inside. King and Queen come out for the easy 50% 2 star or townhall if loon splash misses.

  10. If I only had one dollar for each time you said "accurate representation"

  11. how are you getting the trunks and bushes so neatly growing around the very edge?

  12. Wtf is he doing lmao

  13. NicI'm katnyte can i join your clan pls my name is Jaren Bricks

  14. you need to bring 2 less balloons

  15. click here Like-Comment-Subsribe


  17. Add a lava hound

  18. Great active task force looking for members we currently have 658 force points with 15 spots open right now. We are active and try to to venus flytrap daily. We need more members. Vp requirment 100 tag is #2GGCGV8Y

  19. Nick has massive OCD

  20. He just copied Jorge Yao strategy and changed it a bit