Clash of Clans | DRUNK WALL BREAKERS FAIL.. WTF? | Down to the LAST Minute Clan War!!

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  1. That’s it… I’m using jump spells from now on.

  2. Cam always forget to activate the hero’s abilities :P

  3. 3 dislikes right as the video was uploaded? These haters must love you.

  4. This war is sooooo close! Who will win? Find out next episode.

  5. I know u wont read this but early congrats on 500k cam well deserved. Keep
    putting smiles on our faces ;)


  7. Does he play on iPhone? Iknow his intro is him clicking on iPhone but does
    he really play on that? 

  8. Hi (Sorry for my English).

  9. dude my mini just reached th 8 and I find if u use a pekka instead of
    golems its alot more effective because as ull notice ur golem barely took
    damage and barely did anything

  10. yea this new wallbreaker AI is crazy

  11. Challange : Raid with barch

    If you loose: Each a spicy chili

  12. Who created lavaloonion….and gowipe…… And barch….. Its kind of
    unkwon right?

  13. Guyz if ur a new th 7 and want ur king right away, well, get a de storage,
    and then use this army composition. I even beat Cam’s base and im a loyal
    subscriber. Oh but make sure u have at least 185 troop housing spaces. I do
    4-6 giants, about 90 archers and about 64 barbarians and a minimum of 8
    wall breakers. I do this with th 6 level troops so u don’t have to upgrade
    them, u just need to get the other army camp and the de storage. But try to
    upgrade archers cause they are ur main force. Hope I helped u get ur king.
    oh and something helpful, try to attack high level town halls. That is why
    I have so many wall breakers. Oh and try to save lightning spells for bases
    with max de drills. Bec supercell stopped lightning on the de storage,
    lightning on de drills is possible. Make sure to check if its full, and
    check if its high level. I got 2,000 de from doing this to a th 10. Plus it
    takes no skill and u can already start attacking. Also pretrain lightining
    spells so u can get rid of moratars, wix towers, etc

  14. I’m new to YouTube how do I write a comment

  15. 11:30 is that the real h2o delirious? Srsly

  16. “jeff,the fucks ur problem?”5:41

  17. Can have you ever thought of doing any challenges on your channel, were you
    have to do an IRl forfeit if you fail? i think it would be real funny

  18. At 2:15 2 tesla just came up? Please I’m a old man I can’t see:(

  19. Rub my balls it feels very good and relaxing and sexual

  20. Dude, I kept on finding ur clan, but I cant find it, I tried multiple times
    but… I still didnt saw ur clan

  21. OMG IM 72nd view OMG

  22. anybody else noticed h20 delirious in the chat? XD

  23. *IDEA* when you select your wallbreakers to deploy, tap which wall you want
    them to break! Same as any other troop but mainly the wallbreakers

  24. Cam when are you opening BarbariaNParty?

  25. Is that h20 delirious from YouTube and gta v???