Clash of Clans | ELITE WAR – InTheDark vs 小萝莉与怪叔叔 – Badass 3 Star Attacks and Shitty Commentary

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  1. Wow your best !!! I am a huge fan!! can i visit your clan for a chat and some questionS? I am a max TH11.. My CoC name is Casper (almost 4600 cups)

  2. can you do coc fails (war)

  3. More pentas ?

  4. Nice ed!!would love to see a war with live attcajs

  5. PLAYHARD!!!

  6. cant wait to see the next war!

  7. Viper new edition to the clan? awsome raids.

  8. I cant wait to see ITD afainst Hell Angels

  9. sick as raids

  10. wow

  11. I don't mind casting my eyes upon attacks on bases with lower lv heroes and walls at all. Most heroic attacks, fails, attacking without having heroes, tips on farming up heroes, looking for bases in the clouds, anything you post is worth casting eyes upon.

  12. nice bro !!

  13. i'll would be cool to see on your chanel atacks from th 9 and 10 too if you want of course just for see more variety, and i love when you talk in spanish bro hahah my best wishes bye the fucking bye!

  14. BOOLeh lmao

  15. More drag raids would be really nice. Love your videos. Better than clash with cam or some shit like that. YOU ROCK

  16. ta serto que os cara manja muito dos ataques mais é sempre essa mesma estratégia das curandeiras e balão! obs. os caras são fodas nos ataques.

  17. I like that you looked for some different raids even though there wasn't a lot of diversity this war. I usually don't watch your whole videos since they're so long and the attacks tend to get pretty repetitive, but I like that you tried to keep this one shorter and looked for some different styles of attacks

  18. Hey Ed. I'm in QU atm wondering if I could pop over for a visit. Thanks!

  19. Goodjob Ed

  20. like

  21. ED speak '' quatro'' , very nice man rsrs…. ta favorável ED LOL

  22. PH

  23. PH na parada !!

  24. ебаные задроты)

  25. beleza noobs.kkkkkkkkkk

  26. salve aqui é br !! aqui é PLAY HARD PORRA !!

  27. thank you ed to sharing vidoe love you man

  28. vim por causa do PH

  29. Hello ed record Clash royale or I killed you?

  30. igual bacan

  31. like

  32. segundo comentario

  33. like!!

  34. first