Clash Of Clans | ELITE WAR – InTheDark vs ArtOfWar^ – 68x 3 Stars Attacks – 0,46% to WIN

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  1. Awesome brother. Love the 6 pekkas !! Keep up the drinking lol

  2. InTheDark Хороший клан

  3. What you forgot to mention Ed, is that first raid, the defence by Warman was to win the war and all they needed to do was 2 star for the win. FAIL Well done ITD despite the odds of having 2 accounts mysteriously banned just before the war started you beat the haters

  4. Awe !!!!

  5. хай)

  6. Muz is da MAN!!!!!

  7. Muzuzo go insane !!!!
    nice vid ed

  8. autowar, go suck dick you haters……love love love you ed…..and in the dark clan…

  9. I used to easily 3 star any maxed TH9 when i was just a new TH9 player and i was happy, but seeing such an awesome attacks, oh thats just amazing, i should reconsider my game career :p, Hats raised

  10. hey ed, just wanna let you know that "baddest" means "worst" .. :P

  11. ne

  12. Ray rice football player who beat the shit out of his wife!
    Ray lewis killed a guy but never got caught for it!

  13. Ed is going to be the first Alchoholic youtuber for clash.

  14. How? how can they beat those bases with this troops?

  15. I don't know why I hate how this guy talks

  16. i dare you not to say fuck/ fuckers or anything related with the word "fuck" for a whole video

  17. isso ae in the dark.. parabéns.. brazil here;)

  18. 9:44 Ed = Savage

  19. Nice War;)

  20. 6 pekkas !!! K.O anoten IN THE DARK son los mejores

  21. Revenge has done ?

  22. Love your videos Ed.
    Queen on Queen action, Give her a bitch slap.

  23. awesooooooooooome attackssssss

  24. Ed be carefull because an update is coming soon and you could lose the attacks

  25. cotinoue ed u r the best and fuck haters

  26. Great job itd awesome war and killing artofcunts ???