Clash of Clans | ELITE WAR – InTheDark vs China Clan – 3 Star TH11 Attacks

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  1. That first loon was to take shot from ad to secure healer ed. Those healers were half dead bcz of wizzy in cc

  2. Nice vid ??

  3. can i do aq walk with lvl36 aq?

  4. "Here comes the lavas…" LOL! You crack me up! I love your videos and thanks so much! Hoggies!

  5. Sehr gut ed:)

  6. i am under age XD

  7. Why "Lindsay Lohan" when using rage on queen? ?

  8. nice attacks #brasil

  9. I think someone drop eartquake spell on my hometown because there is eartquake just happen on my house few mins ago and i still watch YT video lol…

  10. nice :D

  11. hey ed..what do you think abt reddit troopers vs itg? wud love to see that.

  12. come to Quantum's Sword in clash royale ed ?

  13. Luv u bro ??

  14. Luv u bro ??

  15. Let me in your clan and i'll show you my amazing hog skills lol.

  16. 1:25 a th11 version of the dumbest th8 base? No wonder how it got wrecked

  17. Nice ??

  18. Só Ataque topp

  19. Tx Ed

  20. p*t*s Chinos xD

  21. Which language do you say hi noobs?

  22. ainda na esperança de ter legenda em português pra galera do Brasil hehe

  23. Haha "Only show videos with classic music" :DD

  24. #inthedark/playhard

  25. صوته ينرفز لامط الكلام الله يهديه هههههههههه nice attack ???

  26. muito top

  27. like

  28. blz noob hehehe so great

  29. :v hola mamá