Clash of Clans | ELITE WAR – InTheDark vs ChinaRush – 45 min of Chinese 3 Stars on Th11’s ENJOY

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  1. War videos are the best ones!thanks ed

  2. Nice one ed!!those are still your best videos??

  3. Awesome attacks by the Chinese as always

  4. beautiful

  5. That is the worst music u can pic off all the music realt Ed Arne u stupid or sametinget or Arne u trying to just make us piss god sake man

  6. son unos grandes atacando , sin duda los mejores

  7. You should show the score bro

  8. I feel like this should be said, Ed I really think you're a great youtuber that does a ton for his subs and the community of Clash of Clans. I mean.. back to back 45 min+ videos!?! You're insane man thumbs up for all your hard work of recording and editing!

  9. what's the music called

  10. Omar has a taste in picking epic battle music , the music is not suitable for CoC at all.

  11. os caras atacam demais. parabéns.

  12. thank U


  14. Nice video thank ED

  15. Nice bro!✌?️

  16. plz what is the kind of the music?

  17. nice music BUT the coc sound is to noisy

  18. Hahahaaha come on dude xD We love your commentary xD and curses to the enemy attacker :P

  19. this music xD nice video man!

  20. Do you used the German hymn at the 2nd attack?^^

  21. Nice vid bro! Why aren't Quantum's Web Top 15 no more? ?