Clash of Clans | ELITE WAR – InTheDark vs Club Only – INSANE HOG VALK 3 Star by Vovasik

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  1. Nice!!! quality raids.. Awesome!!

  2. A moment of silent for the dead of hogs :(

  3. ITD shutting down? Whyyyy

  4. Dizzy's ending ???? sick vid man. Keep them coming ????

  5. Hi Ed, Itd is over? Clan looks dead and mini accounts with rip coc lol. Please tell me you still gonna do epic video's. Keep it up man ?

  6. ooooooooooooooh very nice vid bro go on!

  7. Ed I respect the way your the only person that shows war attacks that are just not valks . because of you I've never liked valks hehe . I wouldn't use them because I wanted to beat the game. but for 5 wars I did my usual war attacks . dragons, gowipe and gowiwi. it didn't go well . I gave in and used valks. that attack is idiot proof. I rolled over max th10 like they were nothing? how the hell is this better ?? I could attack with valks blind folded. I mean like in a war that we just had I watched an attack on a ring Base. he spamed all his troops in one place and 3 stared?? not feeling this valk thing . it seems to make skill full attacks a thing of the past . I've only done 5 attacks with valks and never failed? wtf this is a joke . I don't like nutter ginger woman . I can see why they are powerful . but they have to buff pekka and witch this is just stupid.

  8. Excellent attacks! Thanks! Hoggies!

  9. Hi ! Brazil By ROCKACOC !

  10. hw da hell does warman do this war in war t….hes insane…surely the best clasher ive seen….keep it up dude…..nd ed..plz keep the itd war videos coming…..nice stuff

  11. Nice

  12. Ich liebe Nelly.

  13. vascooooooooooooooooo,

  14. u speak like retard