Clash Of Clans | EPIC ALL TROOP ATTACK STRATEGY ! | Using Every Troop In CoC 2015!

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  1. Y 

  2. U did u leave your clan 

  3. Use 2 golems 15 hogs and balloons 2 witches and a clan castle of valks

  4. Do Barch wi wi . Hahaha that actually sounds funny

  5. I have to do this too, I don't have lava hounds though.
    I got all the dark spells but no freeze.

    I cri evrytiem

  6. Nice vid 🙂

  7. Hi TONY …..train ur troops blinded and than attack ?

  8. 20 Ballons 2 Dragons and Rest minions 4 spells
    My Favoriten Attack Strategie ;)

  9. Just hit TH9 tony and this feels like a whole new world. Can't wait to make some good base designs, my willy is erect and on fire.

  10. Max out your army camps and then do 2 of every troop. That attack stratrgey with 2 of every troop is called Noah's Ark.

  11. Protect the giant?

  12. Do an all barbarian raid !! Lol :)

  13. I hope you know that poison spells dont affect defences or structures, it only affects heros and cc troops

  14. Please check out ChaosPlays CoC thanks it will help a lot ??????

  15. Another great video man 🙂 

  16. can you di a th9 base to win trophies in madter league?

  17. I don't know if its possible but I want tony to speed build my base, I used it in my most recent war and got attacked by 2 th8's and a th9 and a th10 non of which got 3 stars ?

  18. Lavaloonion with 11 haste spells 

  19. blindfold attack would be good,  too interesting lol, but if you do so, army composition please should be gowiwi, or anything more expensive, i wanna watch a fail video lol, im not trying to be mean, sorry,

  20. Do it again ?????