Clash Of Clans – EPIC FEMALE ONLY RAID!! (No men allowed!!)

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  1. Why is Mr.Queen here?

  2. valkryie mens archer bros Mr.queen is it really all female

  3. The P.E.K.K.A not have gender like dragon, golem and lava hound.

  4. FALSE TITLE! The skeletons are most likely genderless.

  5. 309th like

  6. What does P.E.K.K.A stand for?

  7. He forgot lava hound it has babies

  8. your clan members too rude .. I request multiple time for just talk with u…. but every time they reject me …. i'm Morningstar form clan AlcOh

  9. If it's Mr. Queen than is it really a all girl raid

  10. make another vid

  11. but pekka is boy

  12. do only spel Challenge in royale

  13. Godson Possible publish fallopian pleeeeees

  14. creatures raid pls goho and ggg

  15. :D

  16. next can you do no genders raid

  17. ain't a larva hound a girl cus it explods in to pups

  18. wtf pekka is finnish name and its males name and supercell is finnish so wtf :DDD

  19. sup

  20. love your videos man!!!

  21. im 178 like ?

  22. always being respect the Female's.??
    love the lady's 🙂 ♡

    ↪Twitter : @buonise

  23. who remember when Godson was funny

  24. U said only girls …..U put MR.Queen in

  25. Godson messed up his description XD

  26. Pekka it's a girl. Lol ! Look this body it's impossible

  27. 1'000 ster

  28. where is the pekka a girl?

  29. nice video!

  30. PEKKA is girl ?!my life is a lie….


  32. I'm so early lmao.

  33. ( لا إله إلا الله)

  34. If any of yah niggas are stupid a pekka is girl for anyone who didn't know so don't say No dip shit Sherlock.

  35. Haha coool vid broo, just waitin for more and moore xD

  36. sexy lady pekka ;)

  37. how it look boy

  38. and I the11

  39. THEFATRAT MUSIC!!! <3 ;o; Btw the ending song is Unity by TheFatRat -P.s-Give him the credit he deserves.

  40. since when

  41. nice

  42. hi

  43. #GodDaughter?

  44. the p.e.k.k.a is a GIRL

  45. sick

  46. Yeahhh 

  47. early …but no joke?

  48. 16th!!