Clash Of Clans – EPIC New Attack Strategy

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  1. What song does he always use when he triest to find a village to attack?

  2. They should add a spell that either shows all the traps in its radius or activates all the traps in its radius

  3. Thanks for the warning XD

  4. I Loooooovveee the Singing!!! 😀 so great!

    nice Attacks for Barch, good Job

  5. I really don't understand how u don't have more subscribers

  6. join XTERMINATOR clan tag-#9PJV9LQ8

  7. what does nobody use wallbreakers? like.. everybody. I send in like 15.

  8. That wasn't ur first try.

  9. Try using gowipe but replace the golems with lavahounds and not Chang anything else

  10. What song was that during the attacks?

  11. Varch op my man.. Varch op…

  12. Subbed for sure. Fucking boss. 

  13. You are one of the best clash of clans players I have ever seen.

  14. 8 pics 12 bombers and 100 barbarism

  15. i dont work during the winter and broke my phone the other day so no clashhhhhh, its safe to say I'll be well prepared when my new phone comes in the mail watching you and galadons videos all day on youtube lol!

  16. haha all of these youtubers boring as , blabbering on for 8 minutes, glad i ran into your channel, i loved 1:20 xD subbed 

  17. dude i invited u 2 my clan

  18. RIP headphones on 3.23. I expect a new pair by next week Spencer, lol.

    Subbed, great channel.

  19. Awsome. But u should be going the best route to the town hall. But awsome. I have clash i need a clan . Lol

  20. Subbed ;D Gl with youtube: )