Clash Of Clans | EPIC TH7 WAR BASE “THE FORTRESS” | Anti Dragon & Anti 3 Star ( 2015 )

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  1. since when do th 7 has a dark spell factory???

  2. max Th9 and ist à bad base

  3. My TH7 is maxed out now and I've tried every damn base on Youtube and whatever I can create. Don't bother wasting time in making anti-whatever TH7 war bases. Sadly there's no anti-dragon base(the only attack strategy used against th7s in clan wars) if attacked with 3 maxed lightning spell, 10 level 2 dragons and maxed balloons. Be it TH7 or "new" TH8.

    If still someone fails to 3 star your base with this army composition that mean they're worst CoC players.

  4. No dark spell factory


  6. fuck men did you know that dark spell that th8 your excited

  7. song plz?

  8. Sigo pensando como siendo th7 conseguire esa fabrica oscura… odio ser low :´v

  9. Wtf we don't have the dark spell factory until town hall 8

  10. are you a fucking tard!?!??! that's a town hall 10 you dumb fuck! well ik that these "pros" must've been calling ppl on global noobs at least 3 times but when in a base they call a FUCKING TH10 A Fucking TH7 and if your saying "well he's just using the same materials used in th7 so stfu bastard" well the reason it's different is because the DEFENSE IS HIGHER LEVEL TARD SO IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE lvl 1 air defense vs maxed in a dragon raid, yea you see the point now

  11. 48

  12. This is not an anti dragon base. Both air defenses have little protection. The attacker could lightning one, then use their dragons on the other side. It won't be long until the dragons take out the air defense, making this base easy to 3 star with dragons.

  13. im a town hall 7

  14. srsly !? is that TH7 big dumb ! i search for th7 fuckyou men

  15. Th7s dont have dark elixir spill factory


  17. if this base doesn't work,well this is only i can say…Füčk ÿoü Ü

  18. subaruwrxfan intro?

  19. I dont believe this works. Air defs are too far from each other, making one half naked. Opponent simpy takes down one air def with 3 lvl4 lighting spells and drops all his drags near the second defense (to take it down faster). Once air defs are gone – 3star on the way lol.

  20. Hey th7 doesn't have a dark spell factory!!???