Clash of Clans – EPIC TH8 Trolling Base Speed Build

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  1. Check out this video on YouTube:

  2. awesome base, u earned a subscriber :)

  3. Almost exactly the same as Clash with Cams base

  4. Hey where did you get the background what’s it called?

  5. Hope you all enjoyed this th8 trolling base speed Build! Can we smash 30

  6. That song tho is op I’m listening to it its dope

  7. I have been looking for this base for a while lol

  8. Hope you feel better! Don’t think cam cares about you speedbuilding it, and
    nice base!

  9. Y take it down its just a game anyways

  10. Great base!

  11. Nice base

  12. that will cost a looot of gold for traps, but i guess its not a farming

  13. Good job man! 

  14. You stole this base from clash with cam!!!!

  15. Love It!

  16. 2 views 3 likes #YouTubeVibe

  17. Great video clasher!! can you sub back to me. it would mean the world.

  18. Awesome base, I kinda want to use it :,)

  19. You did it! I was waiting for this video! Hopefully it’s not taken down.
    Thanks for the upload ?

  20. can someone explain to me why there is only 2 army camps

  21. Nice Base! :)