“Clash of clans EPIC TOWN HALL 8 DEFENSE” (Awesome win streak)

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  1. Lol godsons name is ‘imdabest’ and the attackers name was ‘r u’

  2. He’d get demolished if he had good loot. These are just fans attacking him
    just because they like his youtube

  3. Godson has 6 letters.
    the shortened form of clash of clans is COC.
    COC has three letters.
    there is one Godson.
    Illuminati has 3 sides and 1 eye.


  4. He should got a better intro

  5. Misleading thumbnail faggot

  6. why the hell would u put that thumbnail? view whore

  7. “Clash of clans EPIC TOWN HALL 8 DEFENSE” (Awesom…:

  8. fuck u and fuck your thumbnail u dick

  9. how does he have 1.3 million views when there are 7 people on earth?

  10. Hey Godson if u r reading this, can u please visit my clan. It’s called
    Apocalypse Dawn. I gotta good town hall 8 defense that always gets me at
    least to crystal. My username is DEVILDOG

  11. You have a new subscriber bro!!!

  12. Wats the name of the song in background?

  13. godson you stupid you always say ye wasup this is godson for your intro its
    getting very annoying please stop your very ugly and fat

  14. Lan Türk yokmu

  15. What app do u use to record your clash

  16. hey

  17. Does he remind anyone else of H20 Delirious 

  18. is gooooood

  19. This guy is awesome

  20. I,m town hall level 10

  21. so happy to see someone who wasted gem as me and has 3 builders at th 8 :D

  22. Hi

  23. I expected U to be black 

  24. Terbaik