Clash Of Clans | EPIC TOWN HALL 9 ANTI 3 STAR WAR BASE! | Anti Hog / GoHo Anti Air 2016!

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  1. Untested. No replays. No Thank You.

  2. I wanna join

  3. why is ur clan closed

  4. is this work??

  5. master i don't get it. is that base is appropriate for th9 or above?. ty.

  6. Was I the only one who thought the 20% notification came up?

  7. Nice base but go fuck yourself with all of your meta tags you little shait

  8. sorry but i can change clan build and put the town hall center i think be good anti 2 stars base

  9. Sorry (Hi for my bad English)

  10. Plz sub my channel
    Or each my vid

  11. thanks tony

  12. can you make epic war base town hall 8 ? please

  13. Queen centralized, symetrical double gb, easily cc lure.. Kinda bad

  14. Can you do a th8 plz

  15. search up my clan MEXICANS-LAND42 I'm the leader sniper-boii

  16. tony I wanna join your clan

  17. Nice vid tony

  18. Please make a anti 3 Star th lvl 7 base layout

  19. How many hours do you play coc..tony

  20. GT upload replay vids on this base would really appreciate it thnks in advance:D

  21. clash royale globally launched enjoy the game guys

  22. I'm actually using this as my war base right now

  23. Congrats on 250k tony!

  24. Th7 maybe? awesome video BTW!

  25. please do a th7 trophies base