Clash Of Clans | Epic Troll Base! “THE DEAD ZONE” | Town Hall 8 Trophy / Troll Trap Base 2016!

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  1. General Tony you should give away either and IPad or and IPhone 6s, also here is an early congrats for 250k. Ily keep up the great work!!!

  2. Don't Give a big thing but give many cool things something related to 250 Example: 250 Euros worth of I tunes/android do you get my idea?

  3. give away an elgato

  4. These never work…

  5. your my favorite YouTube too oo

  6. you should give away deez nuts ha godem

  7. Give away a th11 max

  8. You should give away a hoverboard

  9. omg so close to 250 k

  10. iPad pro like if u agree

  11. I would like to get a ps4

  12. give away a ps4

  13. I could be a iPad Air ?⌚️??

  14. iPhone 6s

  15. Th7 plz

  16. Plz do a th8 version of the cell

  17. I would like a 200 dollar gift card on android just for clash

  18. I phone 6s ☺️?

  19. iphone 6+ rose gold

  20. a Google play

  21. general Tony, in the give away, is there gonna be free shipping also?

  22. Beats heaphones!

  23. Make one for th9 i really need it to save up for the xbows

  24. tony when will you upload a baby tony vid?!

  25. I would love to be in a ps4 give away parents don't have enough money I'd I won omg I would be sooooo happy