Clash of Clans – EPIC TROLLING TH6 TROLL BASE! | Let’s Play Clash of Clans (#8)

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  1. Shout out to all my WHITE CHICKZZZZZZ <3 

  2. That’s gotta be white chicks. Hilarious movie man. Subbed. 

  3. ily

  4. White Chicks!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ripstones hahahah, gravestones ;)

  6. I miss the old times where you played zombies then stead of clash of clans.
    Dont get me wrong matt clash of clans is a really fun game i love playing
    it as well. But i and i think a lot other of your viewers and subscribers
    would like to see some zombies. Your 250,000 subs didn’t come from clash of
    clans mostly. Love your vids hope to see some zombies<3

  7. HA Trololollolollollo

  8. fail
    epic fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. White chicks

  10. Hey! Love the vids! ;)

  11. how do u have so much gems? if u hacked please tell me.

  12. White chick ??

  13. #Fails4Life

  14. Lol

  15. I miss your old CoD videos ;_;

  16. got to 3:21 for some demonic stufff!!!!!

  17. Congrats on your shit base

  18. white chicks lol

  19. Wooooow i watched your channel when black ops 2 was coming out! You changed
    in a good way i like the new clash of clans content keep it up

  20. white chicks!

  21. Its from white chicks

  22. Lol

  23. OMG!!!!!!!!! The first attack on you was such a FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Join my clan type in my clan tag: #2YOG8C8Q

  25. White chicks