Clash of Clans Extra Fun Livestream Tornado Tuesday!

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  1. Extra fun stream from last Tuesday! 

  2. Landon why you do you still have level 5 giants 

  3. School starts tmw

  4. (NoteworthyGames) I got a challenge raid for ya! YOU CAN USE SPELLS AND
    HERO’S (in barracks, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 [1barb, 2archers, 3goblins, 4Giants,
    5Balloons, 6Wizards, 7Healers] 1lightening spell, 2healing, 

  5. My b day is october 27 landon!!!!

  6. Join Here Light Triáda New Clan! be Active and Donate!

  7. I’m a town hall 8 and in working on Pekkas playhouse can u make a bid to
    help me

  8. I’m a lego master too. 😀 LEGO’s are awesome!

  9. my first day was on the 1st of august 

  10. Landon, what should I upgrade my barbarian king or my hogs?

  11. Does landon upload one a month or something?

  12. 2nd yay! Good vid

  13. Landon my name is landon too and I play coc!!!!

  14. ?

  15. +NoteworthyGames – Clash of Clans i started school in july and getting
    out setemper 12

  16. I want to join old let me

  17. My birthdays on October 27th just a day bro

  18. Let’s make the longest comment train !!


  20. All pekkas

  21. landon i found your clan but i cant join can you please lower the trophies
    under 900 im trying to join NoteworthyGames

  22. cool

  23. School started in February ends in December for me

  24. 21