Clash of Clans — FAIL — Modder Attacks 4 Times and NEVER 3 Stars!

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  1. It can't get any clearer than this lmao. Nice find.

  2. Wow Run buck we experience that too sometimes, anyway i was hoping to ask you to do something with like level 1 golems or new bases. call it the average joe or something. attack strategies for wars concentrating with less then max dark elixer troops. as we or I dont have the time to farm a lot, Thanks kevin

  3. Huh, didn't realize there were multiple kinds of cheating – always learn something on your channel & wordpress page RunBuck! (you're the guy who introduced me into 3 star attacks about half a year ago) Thanks and keep em coming!

  4. There is a rare bug that one of my clanmates experienced twice (and I think 2 other member as well). He did his attack,, ends it normally, continues playing, all his troops and spells are gone. I am 100% sure he did not do this on purpose, because it was a 3 star and he thought he had no attack left, coming online 5 minutes before the end gemming all his troops to do the same attack again.
    To me this sounds awfully similar, but I have never heard of someone doing this on purpose.

  5. MRS WILL… you're fucking shit ?

  6. The evidence is there. Will SC do anything? The is the answer NO!!! Bloody joke.

  7. nice video man:) i subscribed please check out my channel:D

  8. Lolz ghosting. 🙁 Sorry to Hear that but chuckle was had at the silliness of it…