Clash of Clans – Farming Strategy for Fast and Easy LOOT! *Super Queen HogBarch*

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  1. What if your queen is level 1?

  2. Hi Ash, great video man! Just want to ask you if you suggest hogibarch for those who have AQ below lv15 and still Healers lv3 :)

  3. ash whats the req for battle elite

  4. Ur in silver! ez life

  5. Why dont u call Ur Channel: ash of clans ?

  6. When will you make a th7 base? I've seen you say you're going to but soon? If not soon can you recommend one? thx

  7. you dont need hogriders

  8. thanks for all these helpful videos ash! love ya bro

  9. hey ash can i have in my clan castle 2 healers too ?

  10. Ash,

    It doesn't work well for th11…. The defenses are too powerful and a queen level 30 can't stand a lot..

  11. does this work with LvL 3 healers..

  12. Guys for super queen how many healers? I use 10 and people are telling me to use less

  13. I need a th9 push to champions base. I am currently using Tectonic for farming.

  14. if my AQ still upgrade , what best strategy i must use?

  15. Hi ash! Love your videos bro keep up the good work! Could you help me and give me some tips specific to me? I'll give my skype if you can. I'm a townhall 9

  16. How are you able to have multiple accounts?

  17. what about th8 farming?

  18. Those were lvl 9 cannons bro :D

  19. If you farm with 14 hoggs,8 giants,22barbs,15goblins you only need 17minutes! I think this strategy is great for people with low heroes

  20. nice work. thanks:)

  21. Thanks for the new strat ash. This helped me finish lavas so quickly.

  22. Nice video ash..?

  23. What is the use of the hog riders?