Clash of Clans Fast Loot Farming Attack Strategy with Low Cost Troops

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  1. why are you breathing so heavily betweens setences?

  2. If you want *FreeGems* go to:
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  3. i have a way to guaranty that you get tons of loot and have a chance of
    three starring someone in town hall levels 1-7……. its max goblins with
    some wall breakers

    now i know that goblins are gooses when it comes to taking damage but if
    you drop 1 heal spell on them they have instant max health and will shrug
    off any damage taken while they are in the heal spell this is because the
    goblin have such low health the heal spell fills it max every second this
    means that any damage taken will be instantly healed up and shrugged off
    and since goblins are extremely fast they move from building to building
    with ease

    I call this strategy the Tiny Titan

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  5. I’m a maxed out TH6 and I find using a army of 12 giants (lvl 3) 3 wall
    breakers (lvl 3) and the rest barbarians (lvl 3) In the cc Hog riders.
    That’s my strategy and I always get a 3 star (I’m in Silver I) And I get
    good loot 200k per raid (it takes about 5-20 searches to find them)
    Tell me your favorite/most affective army!

  6. ur a really hard rusher

  7. Thanks bro . You are the best !!!!

  8. Nice base

  9. This is a great video and I learned a few things from it thank you so much

  10. The way to tell if loot is in their collectors is there storage bins. If
    they have a lot of loot but their bins are low,then it’s in their

  11. thanks

  12. I use 76 archer and barbarian,8 wall breaker and 4 valkyrie

  13. Thanks dude you helped me a lot

  14. Yourhighness

  15. I just tested that tool at:
    and it worked for me, i got 89000 

  16. Thank you for attacking a good base. Ppl say stuff works then they show it
    on bad bases but your real. You earned a sub. Thanks

  17. guys you can use archer towers to destroy mortars 4:00

  18. Holy crap I’m taking so much loot now. Thanks!

  19. You sound like brick from the show ‘The Middle’

  20. thx for the guide :D

  21. Dude drink water before you do your videos and it’s hard to watch because
    every time you finish a sentence you start to sound like your spazzing

  22. Nice attack 

  23. Thx I got 1 million gold in a day

  24. Boy u rushed trash

  25. My space is 120 wat can i use?