Clash of Clans – Finnish Clash LIVE on YouTube – Hosted by Galadon and Chief Pat!

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  1. The sweet sound of nobody interrupting the end of my video! Lol Galadon

  2. what is the link of the stream ?


  4. With what do you record?What does it take to get an answer?

  5. suomi finland perkele!

  6. I farted in my wallet and got gas money.

  7. Was Peter asleep with his teddy bear?

  8. This is not fair, Peter17$ should be the one to host the tournament.

  9. You should have brought Peter. Peter>Pat.

  10. When is it EST time?

  11. Gallydon now they will see your face that you are the pure evil

  12. Wait,Your Kidding Right???

  13. Tykkää jos olet Suomalainen!

  14. No Peter at the end! 

  15. Hey galadon, I have an idea of a new trophy pushing attack strat for TH8!
    Can I join ur FULL ATTACK!!! Clan to show u what I mean as soon as I get
    golems? Its one of those ground-air hybrids. Idk what I wanna call it Tho.
    Thx dood.

  16. clash tournament???but how???

  17. Clash of Clans – Finnish Clash LIVE on YouTube – …:

  18. When is the stream

  19. Galadon, or anyone else, how many stages does a single target inferno go
    through before it reaches max DPS? Sorry if I sound like a noob. 🙂 thanks

  20. Is that today?!?!?!

  21. Vihdoin jotain suomalaisista ohan se supersellin tekemä peli ! Hyvä suomi
    saman laista nousua;)

  22. So is peter17$ real? Or is he your son if you have a boy. 

  23. I dont understand what it actually is.

  24. This is a cool thing they should add to Clash of Clans, Clan War
    Tournaments!! I think this would be a good idea because clans are going to
    get better & will unite more and you can give them extra loot. What you
    guys think?