Clash Of Clans – FREE LOOT! Farming and pushing Raids! (Top 5 Raids)!

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  1. Yes I was an honorable mention! I was pig yay

  2. LOOT <3

  3. hi guys please subscribe to me i will subscribe back thanks

  4. Once I had 453k gold from only mines.How dat?

  5. My Channel Look :)

  6. Nice click bait btw xD

  7. Godson, can you explain to us why we can't visit the base of they call the 'Ghost village' here is the clan tag #9QLU9CY8 they said that the Leader of this clan is already dead, we cannot visit the base. This news is viral. If we visit his base the CoC stops. Why? ?

  8. Tyno GH you could lost some money by peaple raiding your base m i right

  9. This is Incredible!

  10. number 2 baetter then first the are the same elixer and gold but the number 2 has more dark elixer

  11. Lost Phonix got featured in Godson's vid

  12. :-: im happy with 100.000 loot

  13. gay

  14. Hey godson, want to do I troll war? I have a clan set up for it, just needs people, it's trollwartryout

  15. "The worst town hall 10 I've seen in my life" lol does he remember his base a few years ago?

  16. I am in th7 n i got 700k from th8

  17. P.E.K.K.A. IS A HER. Check the version history history and if u keep scrolling it tells u P.E.K.K.A. is a her.

  18. Godson what app do you use for recording?

  19. dam btw first

  20. It lived 3