Clash of Clans Friendly Wars Update Arranged Wars

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  7. Tuts, are you going to continue basebuilding series?

  8. That's a neat feature.

    I do have a question since people like to cheat their way through this game (sigh…..):

    It should technically be possible, using multiple accounts to do some war practice on an enemy war base, correct?

    As in:
    – Account 1 in war vs Player A
    – Account 2 with same army level as Account 1 does a friendly challenge against Account 3 (in another clan)
    – Account 3 copy Player's A base.

    Account 2 can do the practice attacks using the min prep period and the min war period against Player A base (copied by Account 3)
    Then using Account 1, replicate the successful Account 2's army and do the official attack against Player A.

    Am I missing something?
    Or are they restricting the Friendly war base to have the same 24H cooldown as the challenge ones? (which would make a lot of sense to me)

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  13. don't know where else to put this so will just try here. got an idea for a new hero. the goblin King favorite target would be collectors and storages and his special ability would release a bunch of goblins to quickly take out loot. on defence he could camouflage himself to look like a collector Wich u could load up with gold and once health is depleted would explode doing damage to all around it.

  14. It's 420 am. Nice!

  15. When we going to see you from a face am????

  16. One question: Could we have a firendly war and a normal war at the same time? I mean, people who are warring could be in a friendly war during it?

  17. Great features unfortunately it could easily be a bummer if the opposing clan accepts the challenge with much stronger bases.

  18. i haven't been this excited for clash since……..never! can't wait!

  19. social tab ?

  20. holy sh**

  21. Wizards should be stronger like the new update to witches against the giants bombs, they also attacks so slowly, when they wants to step they're already dead by archers towers and cannons

  22. I am dying!! I just noticed Jo was attacking with level 1 hogs too!!!

  23. You all crack me up :p Nice videos!

  24. what about banned ???

  25. Yup 2 thumbs up for clan challenge, but what about the stupid hog update! Let's not forget about that abortion mascarading as a balance update !!!

  26. Finally what everyone wanted?

  27. Sneak Peeks are over. I may have some tidbits tomorrow, but expect the update to be soon, likely first part of next week based on previous updates.

  28. you said If arranged wars happened you will do a face reveal. Like this comment of you remember her saying that

  29. love the video guys, keep up the good work heather, ash and jo. I can't wait for update to come out, totally excited and PB don't forget your rubber ducky next time! :)

  30. + Clash Tutor – Does it cost gems to fill the CCs for the friendly wars?

  31. when is the update

  32. What's up with the new social tab 15:12