Clash Of Clans – GEM TO MAX BABY DRAGON!! ( BaBy dragon Max Lvl Raid)

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  1. baby dragon sucks ass the regerler dragon is better

  2. godson I found ur clan XD

  3. the awesome (stupid) intro is back xD

  4. baby and big dragons

  5. Hey godson do mother and daugther attack (Dragon and Baby dragon) plz

  6. Only 5000 views?

  7. Baby Dragons seem like they'd go good with Minions.

  8. do dragon and baby dragon

  9. Do a mama and baby dragon comp.

  10. Do the mass dragon family attack 1 baby dragon per 2 dragons but I won't be a perfect attack because it has to be varied slightly (50 troop space per family)

  11. you da boss

  12. hahaha was a as

  13. Intro was great

  14. oi americanos kkkk i am brazilian

  15. Ado a All Baby Dragon Raid

  16. cool base

  17. It's terrible. Needs buff, upgrade differences need change and clone towards actual dragon, housing space reduced.

  18. 9:00 watch the baby dragon on the town hall

  19. Notice me godson

  20. They look fucking retarded. The game has gone all kindergarten-esque. I cannot get excited for this.

  21. Do 300 baby gragin

  22. Try the baby dragon with the dragon with a lava hound and minions

  23. How do u pause the boost?

  24. Why didn't they give us this update a year ago when people still cared about this game lol.