Clash of Clans – Gemming Baby Dragon to MAX! New Update Gameplay

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  3. hey chief i was thinking why not do a father/son challenge with galadon like you did in clash royale.

  4. أخيراً جاء تحديث clash of clans معارك وديه والجنود الجدد التنين وعامل المنجم

  5. Last time I was this early…

    Everyone said that Clash of Clans died…

  6. Ooooo, a face cam.

  7. Don't do face cam

  8. OMG, you ugly fuckboi, subbed.

  9. u like dat 666 dark elixer?

  10. Please no facecam your face hurt me

  11. You going outside more? Not looking as pale as usual

  12. Mr. Chef, I like that face cam! Cook me up with a small deck.

  13. Love face cam

  14. Nice Haircut Pat

  15. if those r baby dragons maybe the momma dragons will prob be next update lol?

  16. No facecam pls

  17. Like the miner, i'm digging… the face cam

  18. 4:16……look at the dark elixir number holy fuuuck!!!!

  19. lol he said he lagged out but didn't

  20. "look at those ice wi.."

  21. baby dr

  22. Face cam is good! You should use it in your Clash Royale videos

  23. play on your th9 account pat

  24. At 4:15 it he got 666 dark

  25. He looks gay but he still does good videos

  26. Anyone else notice how much dark elixir he got at the end of his first raid… At 4:20 as well you know what that means.. Illuminate is real (anyone get the suicide sheep reference there)

  27. Wtf is this lol

  28. lose the face cam takes up too much screen space

  29. I like the face cam but could you move it to the top right or bottom left

  30. Keep it up with the videos

  31. Im surprised you didnt want to stream on that shit app kamcord

  32. Its obviously been awhile since hes played clash of clans because his warden was on ground for his dragon raids

  33. Man I lose about half my battles because of lag ????

  34. That Baby Dragon Picture is ugly AF

  35. Anyone else having game problems ? Crashing and tons of glitches ?

  36. Do you still play clash of clans even though you don't post clash of clans videos anymore which by the way you should ???

  37. esse cara é milionário

  38. They changed the elixer collected sound when you collect it

  39. You say inside way too often 3:

  40. i like
    your face cam do more please