Clash of Clans – Gemming Max Update, Baby Dragon, Miner, Clone Spell, Skeleton Spell

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  1. Like this void for all the money he put into this

  2. great video brandon

  3. great video

  4. I have reached champions for the first time! I use bowlers and I use the same technique that you used! Thank you for helping me with that! Will you be using bowlers any time soon? P.s. I have 3 starred every opponent in clan wars since I have used the strategy.

  5. Unsubbed, disliked all of your videos. you have become a gemmer like the rest of them

  6. balloons should be white n gold

  7. you should farm them

  8. i suggested the skele spell a while ago :o

  9. a baloon why not ubgrade

  10. This update is soooooo good! Love it!

  11. You need 125k gems to max the update ;)

  12. Brandooon ly❤️

  13. What about thé lvl 4 lava?

  14. Nice video <3 keep up the good work :)

  15. great video ??

  16. Love your videos <3

  17. intro sucks hiii everyone

  18. H

  19. 9th

  20. Hey the intro is a bit overwhelming with the "hi everyone this is brandon here" the intro last time is better since is more natural

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  22. hi

  23. Hi

  24. hey

  25. gems gems gems= bankruptcy ?

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