Clash of Clans – Gemming Miner to MAX! New Update Gameplay

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  1. عامل المنجم يحفر ويحفر ويحفر حتا يصل ويموت قريباً

  2. can I join your clan?

  3. The shovel changed

  4. 1:19 what's a chipoatlay???

  5. Finely I have wanted this troop for so long! And he sort of works like I wanted him to. But I still think he should be a dirtball showing mole.

  6. Pat the shovels get golden

  7. "Days go by so fast now on clash of clans" as he gems all of his troops to max level

  8. Chief pat's forehead is bigger than my wallet

  9. The shovel changes.

  10. I really liked your channel ! I want all the best for you following your path on YouTube

  11. Is he wearing lipstick?

  12. you know supercell fucked up when you realize the shirt in the stats for the miner is blue but the actual shirt when you play him is red

  13. the shovel changed

  14. money money
    the game of the money

  15. His shovel changes!!

  16. I wish the baby dragon was town hall 8

  17. I love the update …. Big fan from Connecticut

  18. the shovel changes

  19. i need help i have an overlay 4 clash royale. but i dont know how to use it in a video

  20. Why does he have so many gems

  21. Be back when its finished :3 Kappa

  22. queen of duty???

  23. You upload nothing but Clash Royale crap for a few months, you completely skip the update from a month ago, and then you come back and pretend like nothing happened? You deserve to lose 10% of your subscribers for this. Clash Royale is a fad like Boom Beach. It'll be forgotten in 6 months. I strongly advise against rebranding your entire channel towards it.

  24. Nice Vid Cam

    Ooops wrong Vid

  25. Pat the shovel turns into gold at lvl 3!

  26. If the miner goes underground when a archer tower shoots at it, does the archer tower still damage him underground or does the shot cancel out?

  27. 00:30 lel… did you forget to edit or you did it on purpose? XP…Its funny tho

  28. Lmfao "it's a 10 day wait so I will be back when it's done. I'm back *gems it

  29. All the sudden , walls are useless now. Reduce the price to upgrade cause miner and air attack will happend alot and wall wont do shit

  30. What's the sense of upgrade wall now ? Valkyrie blow up them and miner jump them

  31. Save Brasil !!

  32. the miner's shovel changes

  33. Seriously, am I the only one annoyed when he says the word "today"? :'(

  34. Confirmed, chief pat has a 10 day shirt rotation.

  35. pathetic pat, u left for royale and now this awesome new update suddenly back to coc, stick ur gems up your a##

  36. Always gonna be nerds disliking a video no matter what.Sad every video you see has a dislike.

  37. Last time i came this early

    Pat had an intro.

  38. new compositon GO MINHO :)) GOlem MINer HOg kinda sounds korean name LMAO

  39. shovel changed to gold

  40. what happens if a lava pup or golemite go through the clone spell? how much housing space are they?

  41. When you leveled up your miner the only thing changed is the shovel