Clash of Clans – GEMMING NEW UPDATE! NEW TROOPS ‘BABY DRAGON’ + ‘MINER’! (CoC Gemming Troop Update)

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  1. @Eclihpse you can't lure cc with the skeleton spell?

  2. i thought baby dragon will be available on th7…….why did they give a spring trap upgrade for th7?? cant they get any troop??

  3. Eclihpse do you still remember me…..?

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  5. I'd love to change the w- o o o o o o o o


  7. What do u use to record

  8. what's the name of the intro song

  9. The baby dragons mentally retarted in coc and in clash royals he's normal

  10. i wish i could play this games :(

  11. +Eclihpse How do u get that many gems, do u actually have 150$ every time u need gems? XD

  12. I spent 32000 gems on the update maxing every stuff

  13. The newer messages are at the bottom and the top eh. Lol

  14. Yes the most recent messages r at the bottom and the newer messages r at the top nice

  15. Great video haha stupid clan chat ?

  16. Even those walls? BS I would believe the rest.

  17. How did you farm to max. It's impossible man. I really don't believe you

  18. HEY eclihpse
    You're a nasty diseased kfc raping nigger with ebola kanye west from africa.

  19. I got to the end of the comments section… WOW

  20. the chat update is very ummm not that good to be nice about it?

  21. FYI, skeleton spell don't trigger CC's as well……

  22. what is the song in the beginning called

  23. good thing

  24. yeah the clan chat confused the crap out of me lmao

  25. that mr.t outro

  26. Please do more clash of clans or do a new account I like clash of clans better than clash royale

  27. i agree Thomas Holt

  28. Last thing, love ur vids man, keep it up!

  29. Also, did you pay for those gems with real money or from a money app? Bc if that was real money… that's commitment

  30. Eclihpse they made it where the Skeleton spell doesn't lure CC troops, so that's why they didn't come out until you placed your troops

  31. Eclihpse Can you shout out my clan I made 3min ago? I'm a starter for clash of clans but I want to get a lot better like you. personally you seem better than others and I want you to do it. My New clan is Called, The AleHouse

  32. Anybody else HYPED for the upgraded spring traps?!? Hell yeah! Finally, something we really need!

  33. Wonder where they got baby dragon and miner from…Lololol

  34. SAY clickbait or guess wat my profile pic is 😐 well…………reply clickbaot of u like this update

  35. hell

  36. I literally just updated hoping for a update to TH 6 (dont judge) just ro find out the updates were for town hall 9&10 and some resource sounds. ;-; WHY!?

  37. u never upgraded spring traps

  38. balloons should be white n gold

  39. I miss your base layouts ?

  40. Didn't in the other video you said you were bored of this game and it's dying for you this is the reason why … Gemming

  41. i hate when new troops are only available for higher town hall levels ?

  42. Hemming new things? Nah, more like how to waste $100 of gems so quickly, it's quicker than my relationships


  44. Fav songs were intro and outro

  45. Great video bro!