Clash of Clans – Gemming Town Hall 11 to MAX! (Gameplay)

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  2. Can u give me some of your gems???

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  4. "say goodbye to the money in my wallet" 2:47

  5. Nothing really overpowered about lv 3 witches AS A TH11 troop. Dude, you faced a mid th10 with no defending heroes, 1 inferno tower set on single, and no CC troops. Show us some gameplay against maxed th11s buddy

  6. The super cell gave you that shit gems , it is impossible to get free gives like that don't be an idiot we are not dumb

  7. Well you're a town hall 11 three starring th10s, that's easy. Every single town hall easily 3 stars the town hall directly under it. Ex. th10 easily 3 stars th9, th9 easily three star th8, etc. but if you easily 3 star th11 there is a problem

  8. I hope I don't get attacked by the warden

  9. There are 50ppl in our clan and none of us are happy about a damn thing. funny how they pay attention to the small details like making swords clash when someone is doing their war raid but forgetting that we need our damn heroes! it's obvious the main part of this update is to increase revenue for the game but i'm not spending a dime if you gave the youtubers a quarter million gems for show.

  10. People will adapt and make anti witch bases

  11. Grand warden is too fucking op pat the only way you will get to legend league is by the piece of shit grand warden

  12. Is it just me or does the link in the taploot vid for iOS not work?

  13. in =/= inside of

  14. Lol this is what is going to happen in like 1 year… WHERE IS TOWN HALL 12??

  15. I just made a clan and I need members please join name: Team Kilz Zone

  16. لنن

  17. you upgrade the below air sweeper

  18. Those 25 new walls from red lava walls update should have been on th11 update

  19. Join my clan DonationNation and the leaders name is Aiden